If you are interested in taking short day trips, you can visit some of our local food suppliers, go to Sjötorp,
drive out to the island Torsö, hike in the woods of Tiveden, stroll through the picturesque town of Mariestad
or take a ride on Sweden’s smallest ferry in Töreboda.

We have many more personal tips to share with you.
Approach us for more information on places of interest in the Göta Canal area!


Göta Canal is ideal for hiking, paddling and cycling, even though it is most often associated with boats.
In our hiking and cycling package Göta Kanal we have combined these activities to give you a fantastic experience where you come close to nature and the beautiful canal environments.

Swim in the Göta Kanal

Take a dip in the Göta Kanal to cool off after a warm summerday..

children's Mini Channel

At the Göta Kanal there is the children’s Mini-Channel,  the Göta Kanal built in miniature.


Norrqvarn’s location right next to the Göta Kanal is ideal for watching when the boats pass the locks. Settle down on the jetty, enjoy lunch, a snack or dinner and a lovely view of the Gota Kanal!

Culture trail

The cultural trail in Norrkvarn offers a scenic, shorter walk signposted with information from the construction time of Göta Kanal. In the old lime building at the upper slope of Norrkvarn there is an exhibition. You can go to Kulturstigen yourself with a map or book a guide.


Just outside the hotel by the canal is our hot tub and sauna, the best relaxation after an active day.
If you are brave, take a dip in the canal to cool off.