The Edible Country - Göta Canal

a wonderful nature and food experience

Visit Sweden has placed a number of tables on Sweden’s most beautiful nature sites. One of the tables stands along the Göta Canal, about 200 meters from Norrqvarn. Everyone is welcome to book the table and experience a wonderful nature and dining experience.

Table at the Göta Canal
It’s no wonder that the Göta Canal has been voted the Swedish Construction of the Millennium. Along the canal, there’s an incredible amount to experience for the whole family. Cycle or hike along the pedestrian road and check out all the canal boats being raised by the lock. Maybe you can even be the one to glide on the water in a cruise boat, canoe or kayak? The table is located in a lush forest grove next to the canal. It is within walking distance of Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens, which offers really good natural and sustainable food thanks to close cooperation with local producers. The table in Norrqvarn is located between Sweden’s two largest lakes, just over 2 hours north-east of Gothenburg.

Local raw materials in focus
The area around the Göta Canal consists of a beautiful landscape where the conditions for cultivation and farming are good. Thanks to close cooperation with local producers, Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens offers quality food, which is also sustainable. The menu when you book the table at the Göta Canal consists of a playfully composed meal where the local ingredients are highlighted. Malin Johansson and Sven-Erik Larsson have prepared a recipe consisting of a potato tortilla stuffed with seasonal vegetables, beef from local farms, rapeseed oil and wild herbs. If you are vegetarian, you exclude the meat and fill the tortilla with more vegetables. Please inform us if you are vegetarian when booking.

Bike, hike or through the locks
Experiencing the Göta Canal is almost a must when visiting Sweden. The mighty constellation was inaugurated in 1832, after about 58,000 Swedish soldiers, using shovels, spent 22 years digging through mountains, moraine and clay. The channel combines the North Sea with the Baltic Sea and measures in total 190 kilometers, of which 87 kilometers is a dug channel.

Rent bicycles at Norrqvarn and cycle along the car-free, narrow gravel road that used to be used when oxes and horses pulled sailboats through the canal. It is also nice to walk along the canal.

Another way to experience the Göta Canal is to paddle. Note, however, that it is not allowed to paddle through the locks, but there the canoe / kayak must be lifted out of the water and carried on land. Therefore, some stretches are better suited to paddling than others. Or why not hop on a canal boat and combine the visit to the table with a cruise?

Unique living in fairytale environment
Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens offers not only classic hotel accommodation, but also a unique opportunity to sleep in cozy troll stumps and mushrooms. It is like living in a fairy tale land, and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

What happens when you, who have booked the table, arrive at Norrqvarn?
Park at Norrqvarn. At the reception you will collect your cooking kit and any additions. There you also get information on how to get to the Table, which is located about 200 meters from Norrqvarn. Once in place it is up to you how you want to set up your afternoon. We suggest you take a short walk to get acquainted with the lovely surroundings of the canal, the food you cook according to the accompanying recipe and you eat when it suits you. The rest of the time you can just relax and socialize, explore the boat life on the canal and enjoy the tranquility of the forest.

Before 6 pm you pack up everything you have had with you to the table and check that you do not leave any waste in nature, return to the reception desk and hand in the equipment.

The Edible Country Göta Canal
  • * includes raw material basket, all utensils to be able to prepare the food themselves, loan of primus kitchen
  • The table is only bookable on Saturdays from May to October.
  • The booking is valid between 12-18. Pick up equipment and raw material basket at 12.00 Return borrowed cooking equipment at the reception at Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens no later than kl. 18.00
  • Any cancellations no later than 48 hours before arrival. Also note that Norrqvarn has the right to cancel your reservation in the event of a risk of extreme weather or in the event of a fire hazard.
  • Toilets are available at Norrqvarn Hotell och Konferens
  • Parking is available at Norrqvarn Hotell och Konferens, 2 electric spaces for charging an electric car
The Drinkable Country Göta Canal
  • Basket with non-alcoholic beverages as well as drink kits and accessories to be able to mix and enjoy non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Recipe
  • You pick up your basket at the reception at 12.00 and return it no later than 18.00
  • Remember to put on clothes that fit the weather.


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Enjoy your natural food experience in Sweden – The Edible Country!

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